Mascarpone Cherry Cheesecake Bar (NEW)*

Mascarpone Cherry Cheesecake Bar (NEW)*

A creamy taste of Italy, “Deliziosa torta di formaggio”. A flawless blend of sweet, tangy, and tart with a silky smooth finish. Our all-natural sour cherry topping pairs perfectly with this delicate Mascarpone cheesecake recipe.

  • Sour cherry topping free of artificial colours or flavours
  • 18 percent sour cream
  • Real Canadian dairy
  • Candied graham crust
  • Authentic Mascarpone cheese


SCC: 10676295002349

Packaging Specifications

Portions/ Case:


Pack Size:

2 x 3.8kg

Case Dimensions:

17.72” x 13.78” x 6.7”

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